Job openings

Interface Designer

Looking for a creative designer to develop beautiful and easy to use web-interfaces. Required:

— at least 1 year of experience in the area
— proficiency in Figma
— experience with Illustrator, Photoshop
— experience in developing animated interfaces
— perfectionism in attitude to the products we create

Front-end developer

Looking for a junior/middle front-end-developer to implement the interfaces in the code. Required:

— 1 year+ of experience.
— HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6/7, Vue 3 — at confident level
— Understanding of HTTP, XHR, REST
— ability to understand other people's code and make yours to be understood by others

Fullstack JavaScript developer

Looking for a junior/middle fullstack developer with a desire to create the best web applications in the world. Required:

— 1-3 years in the profession
— Fluency and experience with JS, Vue
— Fluency and experience with Node.js and basic libraries like Express, Mongoose, Sequelize
— understanding of SQL and NOSQL database principles