Information system for the ore processing plant

We’ve developed an enterprise cloud IS for digitalization of processes in a mining factory


The goal of the project was to develop a dispatch service, laboratory management system and production data reports service for a gold processing plant with a complex production chain.

The technology stack

• Node.js, Express for the server side of the solution — speed of development, efficiency, scalability
• Vue.js — the gold standard for developing a complex dynamic front-end
• Bootstrap — allows us to make beautiful and adaptive web-applications in the shortest possible time period while the built-in set of prepared elements saves time and budget of the client in projects where we don't need design communication with the brand
• AG Grid — stylish and functional engine for the tabular data presentation


The main data sources in the system are telemetry from production equipment and forms in the application. We integrated the data flow from the devices into our API and made the forms interactive and user-friendly — all for the maximum productivity and efficiency.

Production information is available for viewing in dashboards — in the form of data visualizations and tables. The system can calculate complex metrics and export processed data to third-party systems.

We also digitized the laboratory division of the company — we introduced a system for labeling of laboratory samples at all the stages of their life cycle and effective services to monitor their real-time condition.

All the settings and content of the system are managed via a user-friendly administration system — everything can be done in a several clicks.


We developed and implemented the system which has significantly increased productivity and efficiency of the company’s operation. Management has obtained instant access to a detailed summary of the production data, while operators save their time from fighting a poorly organized data workflow. The customer decided to continue working with us and further expand the range of functionality of the system.